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The Importance of Quality Product Photography for Ecommerce Websites

Online businesses must provide a positive consumer experience in approximately 15 seconds — or less — otherwise your visitors bounce.

How do e-commerce businesses accomplish this? The answer may be simpler than you think.

Maximize images.

It is human nature to gravitate to visuals first. If we like what we see, we continue browsing. But the specific image matters – a lot. Images must influence prospects’ emotions. They must tell a story about your product. They must enrich your content. They must resonate with your potential buyers. And they must represent your brand.

Expert marketers and research show the leading visual elements are photographs first, followed by video.

Almost half of online consumers in the United States rate high-quality product images as the most influential factor when making their buying decision and  over 50% want to see a minimum of 3-5 product photos — front, back and side views —  before making a purchase, reports a Splashlight study.

Prior to buying a product online 85% of customers conduct research online. As a result, images which complement content, receive 94% more views on a website page, compared to those without images.

Additionally, visual elements are essential for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact, 60% of consumers surveyed by Search Engine Land said they were more likely to consider a business if the search result listing included an image.

The Takeaway

Statista estimates predict there will be 1.92 billion global digital — an umbrella term, including all online marketing channels from websites and Google search to social media and email outreach — buyers in 2019. That’s a lot of potential customers.

If you aren’t leveraging and maximizing images in your marketing strategy, WebRealSimple provides an initial complimentary consultation, as well as ecommerce photography so your business can build customer trust, increase consumer loyalty for repeat purchases, score more online views of your product resulting in more sales.

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