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The Impact of Email Marketing, Why it Remains a Top 2019 Strategy

When the first email system was developed in 1971, it was quickly adopted by people and businesses all over the world.

Fast-forward 48 years, and email is prevalent in our daily lives and is expected to continue rapid growth. Why? There is not one answer, but many and they are backed by data.


We’ve compiled 15 email statistics that will most likely shock you!

People are 2x as likely to sign up for your email list as they are to interact with you on Facebook

80% of professionals report email marketing drives customer acquisition & retention

72% of consumers prefer email as their primary source of business communication

61% of consumers enjoy receiving weekly email promotions

Personalized emails deliver 6X higher transaction rates, but 70% of brands fail to use them

88% of smartphone users actively check email on their smart phones

Brands that describe their email marketing programs as successful report an average ROI of 42:1

By the end of 2019, 2.9B people worldwide will use email

The number of emails sent daily is expected to grow to nearly 320B by 2021

79% of marketers report they will increase their email marketing

The ROI of email is 3,800% 

91% of people in the U.S. report they like to receive promotional emails from companies with whom they do business

72% of people would rather receive promotional material email rather than social media

Email is almost 40x times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping businesses acquire new customers

The Takeaway

If your email marketing is not delivering an ROI for your business, or not part of your marketing plan for 2019, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation today.

WebRealSimple provides quality, optimized email marketing services that generate bottom-line business results for our clients in multiple industries.

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