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Social Media Dictionary

By December 9, 2015June 22nd, 2018All Articles, Social Media

social mediaNavigating the ever-expanding world of social media can be difficult when you don’t know what everything means. WebRealSimple is here to help guide you through this increasingly important marketing atmosphere and assist you in growing your online presence. To get started, let’s learn some useful terms when it comes to social media marketing.

ROI – Return on investment = (return-investment)/investment. A calculation to determine profitability after attributing a monetary value to your social media efforts, and calculating a monetary value to the return you have seen due to those efforts.

KPI (Key Performance Indicators) – The main metrics that you track in terms of post success; typically involving Reach and Engagement statistics.

Reach – The potential audience size that may view a particular post.

Engagement  – The amount of interaction a post receives, in the form of likes, shares, comments, etc.

Impressions – Tracks how many times a post is “fetched.”

Clickthrough Rate – A metric used by dividing the number of times a visitor clicks on a post by the number of impressions.

Conversion Rate – The number of visitors who completed the goal you had in mind, such as subscribing, purchasing, or filling out a form.

Blog – A web log used to add content to a site, whether text or graphic.

UGC (User Generated Content) – Media created by consumers, such as blogs, photos, or quotes, that marketers may use to support an existing campaign.

Hashtag – A word or phrase preceded by a “#” to categorize post information.

Trending – The topics and hashtags which appear most often in recent posts.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)­ – Improving the ranking in which your page appears through search engines.

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