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Promoting on Pinterest with WebRealSimple services
Pinterest serves as an online pin board where you can save images and links from all over the web, as well as your personal library. It is a great way to organize ideas and information for an unlimited number of topics.  Users can create and title their own pin boards for any topic they choose, and then save pins from organic sources or other boards on Pinterest. Pins can be found by looking through the boards of other users, browsing trending pins by topic, or searching by keyword. It can often be a great way to plan for upcoming life events, such as a wedding, themed party, or home renovation.


User Information

This image-laden social media outlet has about 100 million users and has typically been considered a predominantly female site. Approximately 42% of adult females active online are Pinterest users. Currently the user demographic consists of about one-third male users, and 13% of adult males. 75% of the usage is done on a mobile device and 93% of users shopped online in the last 6 months. Pinterest is embracing these user statistics to turn the site into an ecommerce platform for businesses in addition to social media use.

Adult Female Users

Adult Male Users

Mobile Device Usage

Users Last 6 Mths

New Promoted and Buyable Pins

Buy and Promote on PinterestSimilar to boosted posts on Facebook, pins can be promoted on Pinterest. This expands the number of users who view those specific pins and exponentially expands their reach. Uniquely, these pins are now on other users’ pin boards and typically continue to have an increase in impressions long after the campaign has ended. A new improvement to the site added buyable pins, so that some pinned items can be purchased directly from Pinterest. These pins have a blue price on them, and users can even filter searches according to a price range. Pins with prices have statistically received 36% more likes than those without. They can be purchased on the mobile platform, Pinterest does not take a cut from sales, and the seller handles shipping. It is a new way to grab impulse buyers quickly and easily.

Learn more about the new buyable pins >

WebRealSimple can help drive traffic to your Pinterest page to help you get your online store started and being noticed more than ever.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytic Dashboard TrainingThis social media outlet has its own analytics dashboard to track information about your Pinterest profile, audience, and pins from your company website. This data can only be accessed from business profiles, however it is very easy to convert a personal Pinterest account, if you already have one, into a business account. You can also link a website so that the company logo is attached to pins from the site. Some other handy tools that have been around for a while are the “Pin It” button that can be embedded into a website, as well as follow buttons. Pinterest provides easy codes that you can embed to make adding these buttons fast and simple. If you need help learning how to use your analytics and to get the most ROI using Pinterest our team at WebRealSimple offers solutions from training to social media advertising.

Contact WebRealSimple for help growing your business via social media sites. We have the tools to connect your website and various profiles for optimum web exposure as well as provide training to help you grow your audience.

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