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How Website Design Can Impact Your Business

By August 10, 2015June 22nd, 2018All Articles, Website Advice

taste yogurt barThe design of your website has a huge impact on your business, in a very direct manner. Potential customers may look at your site every day, but getting them to stay long enough to generate a sale is what design helps to improve.

Design Elements

Often the design elements are more important initially than the actual content. Your website should be easy to navigate and understand. For large sites with many pages, navigation is incredibly important so that users can find the information they are looking for without difficulty. Sites that are either too boring or busy, load slowly, have small text, or annoying pop-up ads can all lead to user mistrust. Those users will then decide to look elsewhere with their business because of the site, whether or not the product or service is superior. Drawing them in is the first step to providing them with information.

Content and Branding

While the design pieces of a website initially draw in the customer, content is what ends up keeping them there. Information that is clear, informative, and relevant increases user trust. Other great ideas for content include age-specific information and frequently asked question sections. All of the information on the site, be it text or graphics, should be consistent with other non-digital forms of advertising for the same brand. This includes printed materials, such as business cards and product packaging. It should be easy to recognize in all forms so that customers are able to connect what they see online with what is on the market.

Keeping up with Current Design Trends

Design trends come and go quickly, however it is a good idea to pay attention to some of the major ones. Parallax design involves a single page that never seems to end, with all major content. This often keeps users engaged without having to click through other pages. Another big trend right now is responsive design, which enables the site to change automatically according to the user’s device. Responsive sites help lower to risk of two sites with differing content. Each design trend comes with it’s own advantages and disadvantages, but may prove powerful if used properly at the correct time.

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