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Google Plus Marketing for Your BusinessOne social media platform you may not be paying attention to is Google Plus. Google Plus is a great marketing tool that is free to the public. This platform allows you to reach out to a different audience that you may not find on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. Google+ is not typically thought of as a popular social network compared against Facebook or Twitter, however there are over 2 billion public user profiles. While Google+ may not be the most commonly used social media platform, there are still many advantages into incorporating an updated Google company profile into your social media strategy.

Google Plus Reach

Google Plus Social Reach AbilitiesWhile users may not think of Google+ as their go-to hangout to see what friends and businesses are up to, this platform plays an important role in social media marketing efforts. Posts reach direct followers but also your posts have high visibility in Google and YouTube searches. Using hashtags in your posts can help target and increase your reach. Posts can also be posted to multiple groups, such as Public, My Circles, or Customers to target specific groups online.

Management and Promotion

Google Plus Company PageGoogle Plus company pages are easy to manage since they tie in with all of your other Google Marketing tools and Google products under the same username. Many businesses use Gmail, and your page is linked to an existing email account. Additional page managers can be added via their Gmail accounts. You can add a +1 button to your website to help drive traffic to your Google+ page, just as you can add buttons for Facebook page likes and Twitter follows.

Analytics and SEO Advantages

Google Analytics Reporting ToolThe Google Plus platform provides great analytic data via its own insights section. There are multiple sections showing statistics on visibility, posts, and user demographics. You can easily view which posts had the greatest reach, what types of posts did well, and information about who is viewing your page. Having a Google+ page linked to your company website can automatically increase some of your visibility stats by helping bump your site up in Google searches. By analyzing these stats, you can also tailor your posts to achieve the most goal completions.


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