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Enable Automated Sales Tax Calculations and Tax Filing in WooCommerce

The Supreme Court has ruled for states to be able to collect out-of-state sales tax. Your WooCommerce website makes it easy to automatically calculate sales tax and even simplifies filing your taxes!

The US Supreme Court ruled that a state may collect sales tax from out-of-state sellers that do not maintain a physical presence in the state. This  was a victory for brick-and-mortar businesses who feel  they are put at a disadvantage by having to charge sales taxes while many online competitors do not. States also feel that they have missed out on billions of dollars in annual revenue.

“State and local governments have really been dealing with a nightmare scenario for several years now,” said Carl Davis, research director at the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, a Washington think tank. “This is going to allow state and local governments to improve their tax enforcement and to put local business on a more level playing field.”

The new ruling overturns the Quill Corp v. North Dakota 1992 that did not require businesses to charge for out-of-state sales tax unless they had a physical presence in that state.

WooCommerce has the ability to enable automated calculations and filing. Give us a call or contact us for more information or if you need help configuring your WooCommerce to automatically calculate sales tax to stay in line with the new rules.

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