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Breaking News — Browsers Will no Longer Support Flash After December 2020

By October 31, 2019December 5th, 2019Website Advice

If you’re using Adobe Flash on your company’s website, it’s time to consider other options. After Adobe announced it would be ridding the internet of the Flash Player two years ago, browsers are finally adding it to the list of unsupported software.

Adobe has said they will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player, a welcome announcement for web development and security professionals. While the software won’t disappear outright, browsers are making swift efforts to minimize usage and allow website owners to find alternative technology. So, what does this mean for your website?

Saying Goodbye to Adobe Flash

With the influx of more advanced technology and software, many browsers have integrated products directly into browsers to replace Flash plugin’s capabilities. Although this is the case, there are still sites on the internet that rely on the plugin for existing content.

The Flash Player will not be disabled this year in its HTML-based browser, otherwise known as Edge, or in Internet Explorer 11 browser, as Microsoft had previously planned. Because of older browsers which still support Adobe Flash, Microsoft has set the new end-date for December 2020.

It’s no secret that the antiquated browser plugin has been widely considered a security threat. There are more options on the market for video and animation, meaning web developers should have a plan of action for the impending end-of-life.

According to a popular browser, Mozilla Firefox, the plugin has been on their block list for several years. This is due to its security vulnerabilities and performance issues of the plugin. Although the browser adopted this plan in 2015, there are alternatives to the flash player. However, after December 2020, any website running flash will no longer be supported — meaning their video contents or other multimedia relying on the plugin will not work.

Alternatives to Adobe Flash

According to a press release from Microsoft, “Flash will be completely removed from all browsers by December 31, 2020.” If your site is reliant on the plugin for developing or playing content, it’s time to consider a revamp of your website content. Sites that are especially vulnerable to Adobe Flash Player include gaming and video sites.

Safari (Apple), Google, and Microsoft are all committed to adhering to the December 2020 deadline. However, procrastination could mean your site’s content is left hanging when the change takes place in about a year.

The best way to find an alternative method of content-display on your website is to work with a developer or web designer who understands the intricacies the plugin offered. Making the switch entails an audit of your site’s existing content and a deep understanding of the best methods to display contents.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still using Flash on your site, what is your plan for the complete removal from browsers come December 2020? If you’re having difficulties deciding what to do, contact WebRealSimple. We’ll help guide you through the process and ensure your content is not left hanging when Microsoft removes the Flash player from browsers.