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Branded Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Benefit Businesses

By March 2, 2019April 11th, 2019All Articles, Marketing Strategy, Search Marketing

Pay-per-Click (PPC), is an Internet advertising model to direct paid search traffic to websites. The business only pay when an individual click, or views, their ad.

One of the most common questions I receive from clients are “How will Pay-Per-Click campaigns help my business?” and “If my business already shows up in the number one spot in organic search will my business still benefit from paid online marketing?”

The answers are simple. To the first question: Pay-Per-Click {PPC) campaigns deliver measurable results which are almost always positive for bottom-line profitability and growth. To the second question:  absolutely yes. Your business will benefit from PPC marketing, especially if you are a Business-to-Business (B2B) company.

In this blog, we break it down into nine top reasons organizations need to seriously consider the benefits of PPC campaigns, include it as part of their integrated marketing plans and budget accordingly.

9 Benefits of Branded Pay-per-Clicks for Businesses

PPC Builds Brand Equity & Makes A Strong Brand Impression

Your brand is people’s first impression. It identifies your products and services, distinguishes your business from competitors, creates a memorable impression for your prospects and customers, builds customer loyalty and indicates your company is professional. Research has shown people like to be associated with “good” brands.

Implementing a PPC strategy prevents the common practice of competing by bidding on your keywords and actually limits the number of who can buy these keywords. With fewer competitors, you will see more clicks, lower CPCs and reduced costs.

PPC Lets Your Business Dominate Search Engine Results

By dominating Search Engine Page Results (SERPs), your company will experience higher conversion rates, generate more leads, receive higher quality scores —Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of both your keywords and PPC ads, as well as other factors to determine your CPC maximum bid and ad rank — and discover PPC is less expensive when compared to other marketing efforts.

PPC Boosts Brand Performance

According to an article from Search Engine Land, studies show paid ads convert four times higher than organic listings and by having a paid ad alongside your organic listing lifts Click-Through-Rates (CTR) by 32%.

PPC Offers New Opportunities

Many businesses set a goal to position themselves as an authoritative, relevant, thought leader in their respective industries and in the minds of consumers. By bidding on new industry keywords. Bidding on these industry keywords allows your business to be the first-to-market, or at the very least, provides the opportunity for your business to own new products, technologies, and processes.

PPC Allows Your Business to Dominate Search Engine Results Pages

Having multiple listings on one SERP is a way your business can deliver a broader range of brand messaging to specific target audiences, as well as creates more opportunities for searchers to find and click through to your website.

By appearing in both organic and paid listings, your business has the chance to position itself as a prominent player in your space. Implementing PPC and paying for keyword listings is also the only way your business might grab that first spot.

PPC Gives Your Business Control of Your Messages

One of the pitfalls of depending on organic listings — which rely on keyword targeting — is that marketers must follow certain guidelines and current SEO trends. Therefore, organic listings are not likely to achieve, no should they be counted on to reach your business goals.

Another reason you might want to bid on your brand name — an approach mentioned earlier —is so your marketers can control the key messages you want to promote. To implement this tactic, marketing teams create different ad copy customized to your specific target audiences, as well as rely on unique visual elements. This allows you to test the efficacy, measure performance for each ad and adapt your efforts accordingly.

PPC Accelerates Buying Decisions

Internet visitors who specifically search for your brand and/or company, are either somewhat familiar with your products and services, or have most likely been rereferred by someone.  That said, users may be anywhere from the beginning to the end of the sales cycle.

By bidding on branded terms, you have the ability to send these prospects to a landing page and move them through the sales cycle faster. An organic listing simply sends visitors to your website, with little control of the content you want them to view.

PPC Supports Damage Control

It is good to know that i your business makes a big mistake, or receives negative media coverage, a branded PPC campaign is one damage control solution because it will push the negative messages lower on the SERPs.

PPC Campaigns Are Less Expensive

The cost of PPC, or Google Ads —formerly known as Google AdWords— depends on a number of variables but are typically less expensive than other marketing approaches. Furthermore, for pennies per click, you will be able to determine if a message is effective before investing additional revenue.

The average CPC runs between $1 and $2, while on Google search, while the average CPC on the display network costs less than $1, according to an article by Word Stream. However, costs can vary greatly. The average small business using Google Ads spends between $9,000 to $10,000 per month. Top retail companies can spend up to $50 million per year.

The good news? You control the amount of your Google Ads budget and can also specify how the money is spent across such tactics as time scheduling, geotargeting and even device targeting and Google rewards businesses which produce high-quality ad campaigns with both lower costs and better placement.

The Takeaway

If your business is not currently running a PPC brand campaign, it is something to seriously consider. At WebRealSimple, we believe in keeping marketing streamlined and simple.

Call 336-522-6640, or contact us for a free consultation today to discover how we can optimize your marketing efforts and help your business succeed.

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